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Jonathan S. Friedman, ESQ., Criminal Lawyer, Fort Lauderdale, Florida

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Whether you are an insurance company adjuster, SIU investigator, private law firm, or corporation/business owner, we at McKinnon Investigative Group are aware of the issues concerning your investigative needs. This is a skill honed by experience, practice and the ability to truly listen to you client’s needs.
Our investigative team is comprised of highly motivated and skilled investigators with backgrounds in law enforcement and/or military intelligence.

We will customize an investigative package to your specific goals and needs while keeping value and budget a priority.

Investigative Services
Federal (CJA) Criminal Investigations
State (JAC) Criminal Investigations
Workers' Compensation Validation
Insurance Claim Validation
Family Law/Child Custody
Infidelity Investigations
Undercover Investigations

Mckinnon Investigative Group Inc. are part of the Federal Criminal Investigators (CJA) program as well as Florida State Criminal Investigators (JAC) for indigent status.